Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Chapel and York Mission

So far we've been using our blog to discuss issues in the non-profit world and to share tips and advice with anyone who's reading. To be a little bit different with this post we want to talk about ourselves, Chapel and York, and what it is that we do.

Our Mission
In short, our mission is to help charities and non-profit organisations of all shapes and sizes exceed their goals. We do this by offering creative ways to introduce them to, and enhance, their international fundraising. We also help with the daunting administrative and legal sides of starting a charity.
Chapel & York provides Cross Border Compliance, Operational & Management Support for Charities & Non-Profits. We have headquarters in London, England and we also have an office in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. We have assisted our clients to raise over $1 billion for projects all over the world.

What we do In the UK 
We provide a variety of services tailored to help organisations outside the UK set up a UK charity to support them. Chapel & York does everything you need to establish a registered charity, from initial discussions and setting up as well as ongoing maintenance and additional support services.
We can set up an organisation that is easy to operate and as cost effective as possible and crucially, a UK registered charity that can accept donations from UK taxpayers and reclaim Gift Aid on those donations and make grants to non-profits outside the UK.
We ensure that all the technical and financial activities are undertaken efficiently. You can concentrate on the important part of the work - finding the funds to support your organisations.

What we do In the US
Many American individuals, foundations and companies support charitable organizations outside the USA by making gifts and grants to a US non-profit known as a 501(c)(3).

Setting up a 501(c)(3) is not a painful process but it is subject to a number of corporate and tax laws and regulations. Luckily, Chapel & York will do everything you need to establish a 501(c)(3) that can support your charity outside the USA including initial discussions and setting up as well as maintenance & administration services.

What we've been up to

1 Billion dollars

(and counting!) raised through hundreds of US non-profit organizations that Chapel & York set-up and maintain. Since 1997 we have assisted our clients to raise money for projects all over the world.

1000 Charities

Evaluated by The Agenda For Change - supporting charitable organizations throughout the world. Set up & managed by Chapel &York.

16,000 Subscribers

Currently receive Grant Opportunities. Opportunities to make applications for funds, emailed directly to you - for FREE.

500+ Hours

of training events. Over 4,500 organizations worldwide have attended our seminars, workshops and webinars.

Helpful links:
chapel-york.com - About us
irs.gov - What is a 501(c)(3)
Chapel and York - LinkedIn Facebook Google+ Twitter 

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